Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gratitude Day Five

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!  It's a grey cloudy dreary feeling day and I don't feel well.  It is still the day that God made and I want to rejoice in it.  The more I learn thankfulness, the more peace and joy I find.  "The joy of the Lord is my strength" Nehemiah 8:10

Today I think I'll list gifts from childhood that I am and ever will be thankful for.

21. Kittens

22. Being raised in a Christian home

23. The freedom to roam some 300 acres with a lake to swim and canoe and fish

24. My animals - Valentine/Tiny, Black kitty, King, Sadat, Rosy, and all the others that weren't really "mine" but that filled my life with so much.

25. Morning Glories

I've been drawing/creating, and it feels amazing!  I haven't quite sunk completely into it, but nearly so.  These are a few of my pieces.  I've used pencil, crayon, marker, and ink pen with old book pages.

Gratitude Day Four

It was a beautiful day!  Went to church while bringing nieces to youth group.  Then we got frozen yogurt, since we had to go that way anyway.  Nice treat.  The weather has been good and relatively kind to my nerves.  There was a strange occurrence earlier here.  I went outside late (11pm or so) and there was a very loud sound coming from behind the shop, like some kind of machine.  I walked around front and could tell it was coming from the shop, but no lights were on.  I texted the house to ask, and J said nothing Should be running, and T was checking.  Turned out the belt sander was running, and had been for a while, since it was hot.  It's possible one of the girls left it going, but seems unlikely.  Will find out tomorrow (I think) if the one who was sleeping already could have left it going.  With some strange neighbors around here, one wonders.  Hard to figure how they could have come and gone without being noticed though.

On to gratitude -

16. Skirts on hot days

17. People watching

18. My chair and footstool!

19. The amazingly creative design of flowers (example below)

The whole thing flowers, but I found that little patch flowering on top to be just splendid!

20. Being able to put my hair up on the back of my head, as I haven't been able to do since childhood, if even then.  It's an off-the-wall effect of one of my medicines.  I've always had a sensitive scalp, and putting my hair up anywhere but right on top of my head would give me headaches and general misery.