Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Years!

I'm kind of indifferent to it... lol Lexy's not indifferent and to watch her shake because of fireworks isn't any fun, but she made it through and is now sleeping soundly. All's quiet now and we're both relaxing.

This is a peek of what I've been working on for quite a while. Just a long rectangle with a slit in it for a poncho that doubles as a lap rug for the times I need to keep my foot warm at other people's houses. It's very light and fluffy, which is good since my foot can't take any weight on it.

I've been having such a time with my efforts to keep cutting my smoking back. I've been stalled for a while and all my prayers and efforts seemed to be without affect. It finally struck me that maybe I need to set another goal, even though, or maybe because, I've haven't been meeting the one I was at. Today, after doing just that, I feel that once again God has been helping and strengthening me. This may be the best day yet. I know I can't do this on my own, so I'm thankful for another nudge in the right direction.

I had such a lovely surprise earlier! My brother came in from shopping with my sister-in-law and walked in here with a bag of YARN!! I was very surprised, since I've asked him to keep his eyes out for yarn and knitting stuff at garage sales, but it's never happened. They found a sale at a discount store. There wasn't even any request with the yarn. He said they had more and I ended up going there with my niece to see if I could get enough for an afghan. It's super bulky and several different kinds which will end up looking like a Fiesta. I was leery about the colors available, but pleasantly surprised when I knit some up to see how it would look. That first batch he brought me is Patons Pooch, which is really rather lovely stuff... very soft And with wool in it! All the yarn they had (only a small section of shelf) was only a dollar. I should have called a manager and offered them a set amount for the whole lot though, because much of it was in such a tangled mess that I'm sure they'll end up throwing a lot out. I'll try take a picture, or scan, when I've got enough done to show all the colors. I Was already there once, but then realized I had to frog, because I had it too wide and had mistaken my needle size. It's all going to be a pretty quick knit though, with super bulky yarn.

May God bless and keep you!