Saturday, 27 July 2013

Day three on my journey of 1000 gifts

It's late and my eyes hurt, so this may be short.  I want to keep in the habit of posting daily, or near that, if I can though.

11. Friends, new and old - I have been gifted with so many precious friends!

12. Bright and quiet moonlit nights!

13. Grapes... they're just so good!

14. Medicines that help to keep my pain under control.

15. Electricity - The power was out for a while today and it was very hot.  I missed my fans a lot!

Had singles fellowship tonight and it was good!  Regret not saying hi to more people, but I enjoyed every minute.  The sermon (if that's what to call it) was good and thought provoking.  We signed up for home groups, which I'm not very happy about.  I think splitting up a singles group is counter productive, especially if you want good attendance.  It was a good night, regardless, and I think I'll just see how this first month with home groups goes.

I felt pretty in my Cambodian scarf. :)  I had planned to straighten my bangs so they wouldn't be frizzy, but with the power out, that didn't happen.  It turned out that my "frizz" looked ok though, and I got several compliments on my hair.  Got told I looked younger than my age too, which was rather nice... could have been flattery, but it's still nice and I believe it was sincere.