Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Christmas knitting

(click pics to see larger)
I think this is safe here, because I haven't given this blog address out to anyone I've made these for. I was at my wit's end trying to think what to do for Christmas when I got the inspiration for these. Thank God! I used mostly acrylic yarns that I got when I first started knitting a couple years ago. The red and white above is in TLC Amore and Yarn Bee "frosting" from Hobby Lobby.
Another TLC Amore (burgundy) with blue "Boa" and a ladder lace I can't recall the name of added into the cable, which the photo doesn't show very well. But! I got basic cables figured out while working on these!

Trim in Yarn Bee "thistle," body a wool blend that I'd have to dig for to remember exactly.
Homespun with a novelty yarn I don't recall.
Ok, I'm giving up on remembering the yarns. I can look them up if anyone wants to know the specs. I love this one, though the foot part looks kind of bubbly... lol
The only one with a cable all the way to the toe.

This one has fringes to make it look sort of western/cowboyish. Made it 'specially for the niece who's into cowboy stuff, then found out she'd bought a cowboy boot stocking a few weeks ago... ahh well.
CAMO! Hoping the cable strip down the side doesn't make it too girly. I mean, there have to be a few of these for the guys, but then again, they're Christmas stockings, so hopefully no one will be too worried about that?? I'm sure hoping... lol
I have one more on the needles, just so everyone who Might be here is covered, including myself. I don't know how to pick which for who, so I'll probably make them pick their own, or just pick different each year, if they want. I'm experiencing knitter's anxiety and Really Hoping these go over well and get used year after year! The ones they have are just felt and getting old.