Saturday, 28 July 2007

That worked

I may need to resize the original pictures a little, so they're not too hard to view when clicked on. I should really figure out what album site is best for viewing pictures, so I can add an album on the side-bar.

Anyway, here's the shrug I just finished. I really dislike these pictures of myself, but I dislike more seeing pictures of finished knitting just laid out flat, if it's clothing.

Yarn info etc - Katia Denim (cotton blend ribbon with fringed edges.) Quick knit side to side on US 11 needles.
Ok, I think that's it for now. May you have the peace of the Lord!

Camera connection works again!!

This is my first attempt at pictures, so bear with me. I think you can click the picture to get a bigger shot, but I'll have to test that theory out once I post it. I put them in small, since I always prefer the page to load faster and then to click on pictures I want to see closer.

Wrist warmers/fingerless mitts below made from Elann Esprit, 2x2 rib, size 7 needles. I don't know how long they took, since I was just doing them bit by bit at Bible study. I didn't use a pattern (have yet to learn how to read a pattern,) but just cast on 50 stitches for each on one circular needle and knit them flat at once from two balls of yarn, then sewed them up, leaving a thumb hole.

I'm going to see how this posts, so I know if I need to change anything doing pictures, then I'll do another one with a few more pics.