Saturday, 22 December 2007

Last stocking plus

Below is the last Christmas stocking and perhaps my favorite. I thought that about several of the others when I finished them too though. Taking a picture of this one proved the biggest challenge. The first photo shows the color pretty well, but doesn't show up the cables. The second sort of shows the cables, but I'd have liked to get a much better picture! Didn't try scanning, since my scanner is too much of a Prima Donna to work while I have too much else open on my computer.
Below are the initial tags I made to hang on them. I which stocking to give to who, so I'm going to make them pick, then they can put their own tags on. That way if they want to switch around every year they can do that too.
I cut these out of old leather from a coat and used paint pens to embellish them. the upside down candy cane is a J. :) I had fun making them! I'll have three stockings left from which to pick my own, after everyone else chooses theirs. I made the extra two for my other niece living down here and her boyfriend, but they ran off to spend Christmas with his family, so they'll get what's left..... or I might make another if there isn't one suitable for him left.