Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Finished projects, but no pictures

I finished two knitting projects tonight (both were almost done) and I even took pictures, but now I can't post the pictures, as I'd hoped to. I hooked up the camera to the computer and it promptly blue-screened. Once the computer restarted, I thought perhaps with nothing else open it would work... another blue-screen... and a third. Now I'll have to figure out what's wrong with my camera connection... or maybe the problem will just go away.... hey, I can hope, can't I? It's going to be really wretched if I can't get my pictures onto the computer after the reunion!! What a pain! Anyway, I did finish a shrug and a pair of wrist warmers that I've been working on a while. We're supposed to have Bible study on Tuesday nights, but lately it's just been visiting, since most people seem too busy to come while it's summer. I did my finishing work while we visited.

I've had some times of wonderful relief from the worst of the pain in the last few days. Sunday I was able to do four loads of laundry (which involves going up and down the stairs, which gets difficult.) I got through all of it before my foot acted up enough to slow me down. That was really a great feeling! Today I took a shower. Now I know that doesn't sound like anything, but recently I've been breaking it down to washing my hair, shaving my legs, and showering the rest of me separately, so as to cut down on the time I was on my feet and give time in between for my foot to calm down. That might be in the realm of too much information, so I won't go into anymore detail.

The things that's striking about good days (so far as pain) is that they show me just how useless I am most of the time. When a good day is being able to take a shower without breaking it into increments... well, what can I say about that... it just seems pathetic. I've reached the point where I can't get the words out that I want to, so I'll have to stop again for now. For a long time God has been giving me songs (or just the tune first) that carry a message for me. I often have tunes in my head, but sometimes I just know I need to remember and consider the words to hear what the Lord is telling me. Not too long ago I woke up with line "God has given you his promise that he hears and answers prayer" in my head. I am clinging to that promise hard, because I feel my life very well may depend on it. He is my only hope and the only reason I'm able to go on.