Monday, 2 July 2007

worn out

I've been too tired to write anything during the convention. I don't want to let this die off to nothing though, so I figured I'd best try come up with a post. I made it to the first night's service at the church. That was really nice, but terrifying at the same time, since it was the first time I used my wheelchair in public since I had an obviously broken ankle to help explain it. I got through and it was definately worth it for the sermons and singing. When I tried to sleep that night I sure wondered though! I was sick with pain and frustrated to tears over that. God helped me through that and answered my prayers about being able to manage attending more services. I think I may have had some sort of virus adding to the pain. I'd had awful pain through my arms and shoulders for what felt like a very long time, though it probably wasn't more than a month or two and I'd begun to think it was another thing being caused by my RSD. The next day (Thursday) that pain in my shoulders and arms was gone and I was able to think of attending more of convention.

I'm too exhausted to fill in much more, so I'll just get the basics in. Thursday night my niece brought me to the gathering for a while and I got to sing more. The singing was the main reason I was drawn to the gatherings, since it was mostly youth and they almost all seemed So Young to me. Friday my friend picked me up for evening services and then we went to the gathering for a while after. Saturday I went nowhere... too tired and no one to take me anywhere anyway. The same friend who took me Friday evening took me to services Sunday evening. Every day I've been as tired, or more so, as I would have been before from going to the whole convention before.

Anyway, I'm writing in fits and starts and better get some sleep so I can think clearly and feel better tomorrow, I hope! I thank and praise God for making it possible for me to attend as much as I did!