Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day two of my gift list

The day is young, but I may as well start. (MY day is young, and doesn't start til kind of late.)  I already have gifts to be thankful for though.

6. Magnets!

I have used magnets off and on for pain, sometimes getting relief, sometimes not, sometimes adding to my discomfort.  Well, right now I have a shoulder impingement on my good side, which has been causing my whole upper body to ache and exhausting me, pretty much shortening every day.  One slight wrong movement causes sharp enough pain to leave me whimpering and trying to breath evenly, and I make wrong moves multiple times daily.  Last night I remembered magnets and again thought "What do I have to lose?"  I taped a couple of them on my shoulder before I went to bed.  I don't think my imagination is good enough to create the instant relief I felt.  It was like my whole body just relaxed a little.  I've been feeling much less exhausted by this shoulder since last night.  I'll have to wait and see if it lasts.

7.  Inspiration!

I struggle to hold on to the inspiration and drive to draw.  I have a gift.  I know this.  I often wonder if I am wasting this gift, which would be a travesty.  These past few days I've had Both inspiration and drive along with an innovative idea...  The proof's in the pudding, and the pudding is still in the making. :)

8. Minecraft.

I've avoided most video/computer games, but my eldest niece got me hooked on Minecraft and I really enjoy it!  I watched my nephews playing it for a long time and wondered what in the world they saw in playing with blocks on a computer game... then I got hooked. lol!

9. Nail polish.

I love looking down at my toes and seeing bright nails.  It makes me feel girly, and I like feeling girly!  Right now they are bright pink with flowers and sparkles. :)  Sometimes I enjoy doing my fingernails too, but not as consistently as my toes.

10.  T & J, for how they've taken me in, welcomed me, and treated me like family.  They never "disapprove" of me, or despise me for invading their space.  They make me feel useful, worthy, and loved.  My gratitude knows no bounds for God's provision in this, both physically and emotionally!

The heat is draining my energy.  For some crazy reason, this dryer heat out here seems to drain me more than the humid heat of SC.  I took some particularly pleasing flower pictures this week, so I'll share a few.

The Joy of the Lord is my strength!

Added - I'm praying today for an "adopted" cousin from childhood.  She is in the hospital in what appears to be dire condition, with some rare lung disease.  My heart goes out to her very worried family!