Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gratitude Day Nine (41-45)

41. Texting - I find texting to be a much easier form of communication than phone calls, even though less can be said... maybe Because less can be said.. lol

42. Coconut oil - loving it for my hair and skin!

43. That wonderful silence after turning off a fan, or the like, that has been humming in the background for a while.  Even though the sound wasn't bad, it's like a physical relief to have it gone.

44. Our new singles pastor

45. Feeling nicely put together last night

That's all for today. The list is the most important thing anyway. :)  I'll leave you with an old picture of me and my favorite horse of recent times.  The date is wrong.  It was '04, not 98 as I think the date stamp says.