Thursday, 1 August 2013

Gratitude Day Seven (31-35)

I forgot to blog yesterday.  Too busy all day, running girls with art pieces to the fair, and going to my sister's to visit.  Not that I mean to beat myself up if I don't blog daily.  Not that I know of anyone even reading right now.. lol  It's all good.  Today I have to go to the doctor, but opened this up to remind me to finish it later.  I have an art project to try finish later too, so I'll see how this works.

31. A really wonderful doctor - This doctor I found in the past and lost due to her leaving the clinic I went to, I have found again.  Now she is in a position to give more time to her patients and to treat them as she sees fit.  She cares enough to work with me.

32. My over-sized fluffy fleece robe that my eldest sister made for me years ago.

33. Yarn

34. Super glue

35. The Internet

I'm very tired after a very long appointment.  I should have gone to my future niece-in-law's bridal shower, but I had nothing to give and didn't leave my appointment til nearly the time it started.  Admittedly I have an intense dislike of showers too, so I'm glad in that way not to have gone.  I regret not being there for solidarity though.  I love the girl this nephew has chosen.  She seems sweet and calm and perfectly suited to him.  I've always been glad he chose so well.

I did my first art piece on a hymnal page today.  It is dogwood flowers in not quite natural colors.  I thought to do pink, since there are pink dogwood (white on the white page didn't seem like a good idea) but then chose to add some purple, since I've gotten the idea that the person it is intended to be in memory of liked purple.  In a picture I saw today from her funeral, her Dad and brother were both wearing purple in one way or another.  A purple shirt on one, a purple ribbon on the other with some purple in his tie, I think.  The art isn't for me to give, but for her (the deceased's) cousin to give to her family.  I don't know if I should show the whole thing, though I don't know who's looking.  I'll just put a section of it up.