Saturday, 15 December 2007


This seems like a slow blogging month for many. I have a long list of blogs on google reader and some that usually blog a lot are pretty quiet. I haven't been saying much either, but only mostly because I've been communicating more with folks elsewhere. For some reason, the pictures under my header aren't showing up... not sure if I need to fix it, or if it'll work itself out. I need to keep track of what pictures I've posted here somehow, so I don't get confused and re post them, or think I've already posted what I haven't. Here's one I don't think I posted before though. It's a Star Thistle. Click if you want to see it bigger.

I think I'm about ready for Christmas. I need to figure out some way to package stuff, since I'm pretty sure I used all my wrapping paper last year and I will make a couple more things, just to cover the possibilities. I actually got to send some of my own art prints to my parents, that's pretty cool and I can't wait to know their response! I wasn't able to make the prints at UPS where I wanted to and where I hope to make more at some point, because I've been told they (or at least this store) make excellent prints. I've actually seen the results from there myself and they really are good. Hard to tell from the original without looking very close, or touching.

I sent some of my knit and crocheted hats and scarves to a bazaar with M&L, but only one scarf sold. I didn't really expect much from it, but was still a little disappointed. I actually went there for a while last night for a while and I enjoyed it. M&L made salsa to sell and most of that went and the girls made some bead jewelry. I don't know how much of that sold, but at least a few pieces. One of my friends had her art displayed there too. She had framed a lot of it and it's amazing what a difference a frame makes. I love her stuff anyway, but seeing it framed was like seeing it all new. I also don't know if she sold any of it, but I do know she got a few custom orders. Sometimes I wish I could draw, or paint, things on request, but that has never been my gift.

It's been quite a week. I've been knocked flat by pain frequently, because of trying to do more than usual and also due to the weather, but there's been a lot of positive stuff that's happened to. Just getting to the bazaar for a while was good for me, but also managing to send those prints and more. I've had some good conversations that helped clear some things up and hopefully made for smoother sailing and better understanding. Two of my nieces joined me on my trip to get groceries and we had great fun. They were such a big help! I was able to use my wheelchair and have them handle a cart. It's amazing what a difference extra hands make and also simply the company!

Anyway, my mind just jumped the track again, so if I had more to write, it's forgotten for now... lol

May you have a blessed Christmas and New Year filled with the peace and joy of the Savior Jesus Christ!