Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Gratitude, Day Six (26 - 30)

I'm struggling today, feeling disturbed by evil in this ol' world, and finding thankfulness being pushed away by that disturbance and by worry.  This list is just for days like this, I think, so I need to push on.  At this point reaching one thousand seems a bit like a pipe dream and yet I know it can be done!

I asked a friend to clarify about some destructive influences in extended family which have been the cause of family separation (for good cause.)  The clarification makes me feel a bit sick from the glossed over evil of it all.  No wonder God flooded the world at one time.  It's a wonder to me why He hasn't destroyed it all again before now.  It is His great mercy that has stayed His hand, I believe.  I don't even want to talk, or think, about some things and yet I know "There but for the grace of God, go I."  Thank you, Lord, for your amazing grace and great mercy!

26. God's mercy (I feel like repeating mercy, mercy, more mercy, and yet more inexplicable mercy)

27. Peace and calm for T through a very difficult meeting (thanking God for answering prayer!)

28. R's excitement over finally being able to learn a kick in karate that she's been waiting a lot time to learn.

29. That my old alarm watch is working again with a new battery

30. Social media that equals so many contacts with so many people

There's much more to be thankful for, but that's all I can manage today. :)