Sunday, 21 December 2008

Egg Sandwiches!

I was in the grocery store the other night with my niece, bemoaning the fact that I love eggs, but have no way to cook them. I rarely get eggs of any sort, because of my lack of cooking facilities. I have a microwave and a toaster oven, but I've always liked my eggs fried, or boiled. Well, am I ever glad I told my niece my dilemma! She just said "make them in the microwave." I replied that the only way I'd ever done that was to try scrambled microwave eggs and those hadn't been all that great. She said "oh no!" and proceeded to tell me how her family has made microwave egg sandwiches for years. I'm going to share it here, because it's so silly simple, but so very Good!! I should note that I never actually saw my niece make these, so my method may vary from theirs.

Use a glass bowl (important that it's glass, I guess,) coat the bottom with Pam, or butter. Crack one or two egg(s) into the bowl (I salt and pepper at this point.) Whip the egg with a fork, or whisk. Microwave till the egg has no more liquid spots (about 1 1/2 minutes.) Slip it out onto your buttered bread and, if you're like me, add cheese.

Use your imagination - add sausage, or whatever else you like with your egg, use two eggs for a thicker sandwich, adjust in whatever way pleases you, but most of all enjoy! The bottom of your bowl will dictate the size of the resulting egg for your sandwich. My only bowl is a bit too big, so I have to trim the egg to fit.

I have been knitting, really!! I just haven't been documenting my projects very well, so I haven't shown them here, or even many on Ravelry lately. I'll try to put a few pictures in this post.

(click for larger images)
Afghan for my niece out of Patons Ci Ci and Pooch. It's quite large, around 5' wide and 6'plus long. Very cushy and she loves it. I'm happy!
This is the pattern on a shawl/cape sort of thing that I kinda sorta finished, but now I'm not sure about it. It's very tweaked out of shape and I don't know if blocking will fix it, or not. I love how the lace came out and I love the I-cord edge in Suede, but that lop-sided thing is terrible, so I'm putting it out of my mind for a bit... lol The yarn isn't especially easy to frog, though it is doable. It looks a bit ragged after frogging (I had to correct several mistakes,) but looks fine once knit again.
I know there are other things I've made/finished, but I'm short on pictures lately, because I don't feel like taking them.