Monday, 21 January 2008

Finished Fiesta... all else dragging!

Quickest afghan I've done by a long shot! I finished this one in 17 days and that was even with the lag that came after the halfway point. I'm even more amazed how the colors look after getting it all done! It's soooooo fluffy! I'd do another in super bulky yarn much more readily than in a finer yarn, since it's so quick! Plus, afghans should be fluffy and cuddly!
This is the beginnings of a jacket. I was admiring my brown wrist warmers against a red blanket and thought I really needed to do something with those colors together. This isn't quit the same colors, but when I was thinking on the red and brown and looking at my yarn, these are what I decided to try together. They look amazing together, so I ran with it. The other "selling point" was that putting the two together means large needles and a quick knit.
The poncho I've been working on for what feels like forever is boring me to tears. I should just hunker down and finish it.... I mean, I'm on the last skein!! LOL But, I got distracted. Boring or not, I want the finished product and think it's something I'll use. Maybe now that I've peaked my interest on the red jacket, I can settle down and finish that last skein and move on to more exciting things.. lol
God bless and keep you!