Wednesday, 25 July 2007

still no pictures

Thanks, Linda, for commenting (and Eve, if I never thanked you before.) I've found out quickly that it feels pointless to blog just for myself. If I want to do that, why put it online? lol

I haven't tested the camera connection again, since I haven't wanted to risk the blue-screen when I've got stuff going. I'm still pondering possible fixes too.

I got a phone call today asking about how to start an email group, like the yahoo groups I've started. I was rather startled. I caught the last name as one I knew, but not the first name. She did say who had directed her my way though, so I did my best to help. I then asked at supper who I'd been talking to! They knew immediately what I was asking, so now I know who I talked to. LOL Hopefully I was able to help. I haven't heard back from her, so I'll hope no news is good news.

We had corn on the cob tonight for dinner. I like corn on the cob, but for a long time I've cut it off the cob as my preferred way to eat it. The kids had interesting comments on this though. Someone commented that they felt sorry for "adults" who had to cut it off to eat it. I had to chuckle, because it's true I'd find it hard to chew the corn off the cob anymore, what with "boughten" teeth. I preferred cutting it off before that though.

A couple nights ago as I opened the door to take Lexy out, a little brown scorpion scuttled in the door. I couldn't do anything about sending it back outside while I had Lexy, because she was so all fired ready to play with it. I had to get her around it, get her back in after doing her business, then once I had her settled, go back to see if I could catch it and put it back outside. It was still there when I brought Lexy back in, but by the time I went back with some long tweezers to find it, it was gone. I keep wondering where it went. Considering the fact that I've found three of them inside the basement before, I'm sure there have been others I've never seen. It doesn't do any good to worry about it, but I keep wondering if I Should be worrying about it.. lol

I would dearly love to be able to get good pictures of many bugs down here! Oops... I got thinking on bugs and went on a beetle search and forgot to finish this... lol The kids have found Hercules beetles several times that are bigger than the end of my thumb and I was trying to figure out what they were. Anyway, I think it would be fun to share pictures with the kids out west of some of the crazy bugs here. I'd best finish this off and get to bed! I really lost track of time! God bless!